Sunday, September 4, 2011

Babies and Duckies

What are the chances of me going to hell for making fun of the two cutest things on God's green earth, babies and duckies? What the heck, you only live once.
Is it just me or does this picture look like this cute sweet baby just pooped out a gaggle of duckies?

A naked baby leaning slightly forward with a look of relief on its face and a line of duckies (notice the one that's fallen down, he must of have been the most recent poop) freshly squeezed out.
Wow, that was a filthy sentence. Gross, what's wrong with me?
Wait a minute...what's wrong with me? No, what's wrong with the photographer who thought that the bowel contents of a poor little baby was cute?
Photographers these days, you just can't trust 'em.

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