Sunday, October 9, 2011

I love Kool-Aid

I believe that I've established the fact that I'm a hairy girl. I'm not proud of it but I've reluctantly accepted it.
Since hair removal is such an important part of my life, I have become quite the connoisseur of the art. At this time I have two bits of advice: 1-Laser hair removal is a crock, don't waste your money. 2- Don't ever wax your big toe, it's the most painful thing I've ever will only do it one time.

Last night I was happily waxing my upper lip. Who doesn't like the feeling of your skin being ripped off your face?
Anyway, while Nate was watching an old black and white silent Dracula movie I decided to wax my upper lip since he was distracted. I figured I'd quickly wax what needed to be waxed and Nate would be none the wiser.
I was so clever. 1, 2, 3 RRRIIPPPP! 1, 2, 3 RRRIIPPPP! (pain, pain) I hate counting when I wax, why do I do that to myself? I was done, I peaked out the bathroom door and saw that Nate was still distracted. Yes, mission accomplished.
I nonchalantly meandered out of the bathroom. Nate looked at me for a second then looked back at the TV, then he looked back at me again. He squinted in the dim light. As I walked by he said "I really like your Kool-Aid mustache." Crickets chirp, my eyes narrow and I try to come up with a reasonable explanation for my bright red upper lip, I had nothing.
You just couldn't let it go could you Nate? I wonder how you'd like a kool-aid mustache on your left're southern cheek. You'd better watch your back.


Athena said...

At least I know your related to me, I had to wax yesterday and I wanted to cry a couple times.

hil said...

waxing is so old hat to me that i hardly even notice the pain anymore. being a hairty girl is such a drag. i have man-hands AND horrible hairy arms, so that's a huge turn on, right? Frankie trembles at my touch, just closing his eyes till it is over. but waxing your big toe? holy crap, that would hurt! and only doing one toe would be pretty weird looking, right? but there is no way you could gather the courage to do the second toe. one of my mission comps used to pluck the hair out of her big toes, one at a time. while sitting at her desk. wearing only her mesh garmies. yeah, let that haunt you for years.