Monday, June 23, 2008

BBQ, Dog Bite, and Rodeo: I call that a full day

Hello, I've gotten lazy just posting stories from growing up. I finally sold my soul on eBay and used the money to buy a digital camera. My first pictures are of my ugly legs made uglier by a dog bite that I received over this weekend.
My girls and I try to have a girls night every month and have an annual tradition to attend the Strawberry Days Rodeo. So this weekend we thought we'd combine girls night, rodeo, and a few birthdays. We decided to have a BBQ at my buddy, Kara's, house where as I was pretending to be a hamburger grilling expert. I guess Kara's dog wasn't too impressed with my skills... The next thing I know, I have a hole in my jeans and a most unlady-like bruise. Kara ended up having the county come to take the dog away to be put down. I felt bad that it had to happen but I'm glad it didn't bite a little kid.
I will post more pictures (no, not of my leg, I've tortured everyone long enough) of the rodeo. I love rodeo's, and the Strawberry Days Rodeo is double fun because they serve strawberries (duh!) and cream. It's truly the most heavenly feeling to be eating strawberries n'cream while watching manure covered bulls buck off sweaty cowboys. Plus you can scream as loud as you want and no one will tell you to be quite, maybe that's why Nate will never come with me. That or he's afraid his inner cowboy will emerge and the next thing he'll know is he's agreeing to ride a bull (which to his disappointment, I fully support).


gigi said...

So sorry about the dog bite! I'm sure that was a surprise attack!

Two of my favorite things also, strawberrys and rodeos! Do you go to the Days of 47 roedo in SLC?? That was a wonderful rodeo.

Aramie Randall said...

I have been bitten twice- once by a chihuahua and once by a toy poodle. Those toy breeds have serious little man syndrome. I'm with Gigi. I love strawberries and rodeos too! I could never go to a rodeo with Joey because his cousin was killed riding a bull at a rodeo (true story), so rodeos are a no-no. I want to ride a bull. I'm sure I could stay on for 8 seconds. I have little man syndrome too.

gigi said...

It's me again.

I've tagged you! I know I hate them too. Play along if you want:)

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Cindy Judd said...

Owie!!That bite sure looks sore. What kind of dog was it? I love Rodeos too. I've only been to one in Denver, Colorado with Bob's sister, Judy and Husband Ray, in the 70'. Nate is a closet cowboy. He had cowboy boots and a cowboy hat when he was in high school. I watch bull riding with Aaron sometimes (on television). He wants to be a bull rider. Or atleast give a try.