Friday, January 23, 2009

Date night with the Judds

My good good friend, Vonda, gave Nate and I tickets to Jeff Dunham. Mr. Dunham is a ventriloquist/comedian. He's pretty dang funny. He has a huge fan base in Salt Lake City, most of which are red necks. I was surprised by the number of tight wranglers and Garth Brook flame shirts.
It was a good time. One of the perks of the evening was that Nate looked good. He's always cute, how could he not be, but he turned a few heads (male and female heads) when he walked into the room.
Here is a video of Jeff Dunham with one of his dolls. Enjoy, there is a little bit of language, sorry for that.


gigi said...

We had a date night last week and it was fun. Wish I had time to have one this weekend but we both have to speak in Sac. Meeting and then I have to teach R/S. Have waited until today to start preparing, shame on me!

I've seen this guy before and he is good!! Glad yall had a chance to have a fun good time!

hil said...

what a fun date and why don't i have a friend like Vonda?!?! i bet you did your fair share of head turning as well, you sassy little thang! i'm glad you had fun.

Jocelyn said...

Those were the days, when date night actually involved leaving the house, and we didn't have to stop whatever we were doing every ten minutes to get the baby back to sleep. --sigh--