Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Great Valentines Disaster of '09"

My blogging BFF's I feel like I'm close enough to you to relate the true love, horror, commitment and absolutely hilarious memory that this past Saturday will bring to my mind for the rest of my life. I'd like to call it the "Great Valentines Disaster of '09."
It started well enough, we slept in and enjoyed how warm our blankets felt. Nate continually tried to hog the blankets but it was Valentines day so I was feeling generous and didn't punch him in the nose.
When we did wake up we went about our day, running a few errands. Nothing too exciting just enjoying being together and not having anywhere to go and no money to spend.
Our plan was to rent a movie, eat dinner and...well...see where the night took us...
I should have know the day was destined for disaster when the movie "PS I love" was gone, neither of us felt that "Max Payne" or "Kung Fu Panda" would be very romantic so we decided to just watch something that we had at home. The exciting part of the evening was that I was going to make woodsman-stew. It's a family tradition and I make a mean stew. Big pieces of potatoes, stew meat, carrots, and celery make the bulk of this yummy, filling dish. Nate loves it which of course makes me feel good.
I bought all the ingredients for dinner and we went on our merry way.
To make the stew extra special I cut the potatoes into little heart shapes. I should have taken a picture, they were so cute.
(THUNDER heard in the background)

I had one heaping bowl and Nate downed two huge bowls (we're fat kids at heart). It was one of the best batches of stew I had ever made. We were looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend eating stew since I had made a huge pot, big enough to feed and army.

(THUNDER shakes the ground again)
Not ten minutes after finishing my stew my stomach started to feel funny. Ouch, I had horrible stomach cramps. I curled up in a ball and watched Nate eat another bowl of stew. In seconds I knew my stomach cramps were not going to go away. In two bounds I leaped over the bean-bags and to the bathroom. I did get sick, and not throw up sick (sorry for that mental image). All of a sudden my quiet time was interrupted by Nate banging on the bathroom door. "Hurry up!" he yelled to me in a voice I had never heard before, there was a note of fear and desperation. I finished up as quickly as I could and narrowly missed being run over as I exited the bathroom.
About 30 seconds after Nate had replaced me on the throne I felt another tingle/agonizing pain in my stomach. "NAAATTEEE," I yelled as I clenched my cheekies together and did a little dance "hurry, hurry, hurry."
The rest of the evening passed much the same way, with us tag-teaming the toilet every 30 to 45 seconds. Hoping that this wouldn't be the time that one of us would either have to share half the toilet seat (I always call the right side) or one would have to jump in the shower while the other kept the seat warm.

And that, blogging BFF's, was my Valentines Day. No flowers, No chocolate, and needless to say, No lovin'.


gigi said...

Cute cartoon.

Sorry to hear about your 2009 VD disaster. There is nothing worse than coming down with it at the exact same time. It doesn't usually happen like that. Usually one follows the other. But any way you do it, it's the pits!! May your St. Patrick's Day be more fun!

Ali said...

what do you think it was? The heart shaped potatoes? The big beef chunks? That is horrible.

One time, on the mission, Judd (Hillary) and I had to run back to the house because I was suffering from the same ailment. Our habit was to blast hymns or primary songs on my CD player when one person "needed" it. AKA, when the sounds from the bathroom were audible from the bedroom, the person in the bathroom would say, "quick, turn it on!! play 'we are all enlisted!' QUICKLY!!!"

She wasn't quick enough this day. I was embarrassed for the rest of our companionship. Dang Ecua bugs!

hil said...

did you ever consider having one person sit with their legs spread open with the other person sitting on the first person's lap? hey---desperate times call for desperate measures. nothing bonds a couple so strongly as does simultaneous butt-urine. you know, Mom is still here until saturday if you guys are feeling like taking a leisurely 12 hour drive...