Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's your name?

On the internet you can find all sorts of websites about what your name would be if you were a pirate or a pimp. You just put your first and last name in the little box, hit enter, and *poof* there's your name. Here's some examples of Nate and my name:

Haley: Cora Bunce of Brockenborings
Nate: Dimple Bunce of Brockenborings

Joce: Myrtle Tighfield of Tookbank
Cindy: Azaelia Bunce of Brockenborings

Haley: Morwen Felagund
Nate: Findecáno Felagund

Gigi: Nellas Ar-Feiniel
Mars: Amras Helyanwë

Haley:Saggin' Jowls Shannon
Nate: Shark Tooth Brett

Nadja: Musket Ball Eve
Mom: Epileptic Fay Blythe

Haley: Whipped Rappa
Nate: Butt-jigglin' Chinaman

Logan: Two-time Fish

Haley:Fadeproof Haley Flava
Nate: Ice Master N. Flex

Ali: Sheik Ali Shizzle

Professional Wrestler
Haley: Crazy Grace
Nate: Grizzly Jackal

Hil: Buxom Victoria
Leslie: Feisty Bessy

Haley: Lana the Assasin
Nate: Ralph Fatnose

Priss: Fionda the Brain

Haley: Haley "Buckedoff" Judd
Nate: Nate "Slackjaw" Judd

Aramie: Aramie "Soaring Eagle" Judd

Awesome right? I know you're a little interested...just type in "name generator" in your engine search and it will pull up all sorts of fun names.

Now, my blogging BFF's don't think bad of me, please. What I'm about to tell you might make you think I'm a horrible person but I'm not. I just got a kick out of this. I would never, not in a hundred years, even type in the work "pornography" into a search engine; who knows what kind of things would pop up. So there's not a way to learn what my "acting" name would be, or so I thought. Then a friend of mine told me that the way to find out what your, um, "acting" name would be:
First name: The name of a pet you once had
Last name: The name of a street you lived on

"Acting" name*:
Haley: Frosty Walberg
Nate: Rowdy Sandelwood
While I know that pornography is a serious issue and not really something to joke about, I thought this was pretty funny.*

In your comments, I would be interested in learning what some of your names would be. Have fun and please call me Saggin' Jowls from now on. Thanks matey!


gigi said...

Misty Weaver
Actress name

Ali said...

Dear Saggin' Jowls.

I think that Aramie "Soaring Eagle" Judd sounds more like her Native American Name.

My native american name would be Alicia "Buffalo Chips" Loor.

But my fave was Nathan's Hobbit name. The next time I ever see him I'm calling him Dimple Brockenborings. Just you watch

hil said...

what up, Saggin' Jowls? could you be "Saggin Jowls McGee", or is that not piratey enough? that was fun to read! my porn (oh, i mean acting) name would be Spanky Paine. that's right, boyeeee! Frankie's would be Scooter Keenas (that's Scooter Toot Junior, actually). sounds dirty, doesn't it (before the toot jr. part, anyway)? i'd definitely like to go by Buxom Victoria from now on. that is just a great name. i love you.

Jocelyn said...

How fun! I wouldn't want to cross old Ralph Fatnose. I might end up swimming with the fishes. I'll have to look up some more of my names when I get a chance, but for now, I'll insist on being called Myrtle Tighfield of Tookbank.

Thanks, Haley!