Monday, February 23, 2009

It was bound to happen

I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. With as rampant as the redneck movement is, I'm very surprised that it's taken this long for one of our esteemed redneck musicians (aka country music singers) to come up with a redneck fashion. And Mr. Toby Keith has not disappointed; his revolutionary, unique and visionary style is both refreshing and cutting edge. He makes even the simplest clothing acceptable to the trendiest trailer parks. But don't listen to me, see for yourself:

Brilliant Toby, brilliant. I've never seen a hat worn with such redneck swagger. I especially like the pants with no belt, just a teasing hint of man-panties just makes my heart go pitter-patter.
What Toby? No wife-beater tank top underneath? You are just full of surprises.

And when I said revolutionary, this is what comes to mind. How many poor, rednecks have had to buy extra large overalls because their beer bellies didn't fit quite right.
Toby you really are a man of the people.

Well, I would pay the extra to buy a shirt without sleeves. I'm always telling Nate that he needs to show off a little more skin. Toby Keith will defiantly be worn in our house.

My only question is "Toby, how do I get me one of those cup holders? Is it built into the tank-top or is it sold separately?"

I'd like to thank Toby for bringing opened button-up shirts back into the fashion world and especially to the redneck world. I'm personally familiar with many rednecks and there's nothing more that I'd like to see than their sagging midsection peeping out through a Toby Keith original.

The county fair is the event of the year. It's when you want to look your best, so you wear your best. Thanks Toby for making a woman feel "free" to be a woman.

*Ok, so Mr. Keith might not have come up with all those fashion designs, but if he would have thought of them....good-bye skinny jeans, hello beer bellies and cottage-cheese booties.


Ali said...

How did you get my picture from the fair without me knowing? You are super sneaky.

You always make me laugh. Thanks so much for your awesome posts

Anonymous said...

Only in your dreams could you have a cup holder like that. Wait, not even in your dreams could you have a cup holder like that.

Love your bro.