Thursday, May 27, 2010

Questions of an important nature

Questions of an important nature:
-Is finding a box of cookies outside your door the same as taking candy from a stranger?
-What if they were really good cookies, does that make it ok? I know, I ate them which is part of the reason my fanny has grown (according to him who shall not be named).
-Should I have taken the neighbors box of mysterious cookies to save them from some horrible death by poison?
-Since I didn't die from poisonous cookies, can I accept candy from strangers now?
-Am I completely crazy because I open the door every morning hoping for another box of delicious poisonous cookies?
-Why do the heavens tease me so?


Colleen Marie said...

Wait, are these questions coming from the same girl who baked blue dye into cookies for a middle school teacher so he'd pee green?

Athena said...

your poor neighbors, I see how you are.

Aramie Judd-Randall said...

The answer to all of the questions you posed is "nothing else matters as long as the cookies were really good." Personally, I would take just about anything that was being offered to me, be it from a friend or a stranger!
I love you!

hil said...

i hope that we suddenly have mysterious cookies delivered to our door once you get here. and if any husband anywhere says anything about our growing tushies, we'll lock them in the chokey. i wish you were here already.