Monday, July 11, 2011

In Nates defense

I have to defend Nate on the whole "deceptively heavy" comment that I mentioned in my last blog. You see, it's true I am deceptively heavy and I'm ok with it. Nate sometimes tries to heroically lift me into his arms and carry me to a rose petal covered bed, only to slip a disk.
There has been more than one occasion that I was out dancing (pre-marriage) and some hot shot guy tried to flip me but had to use every ounce of strength to not drop me on my head. One guy did drop me. After that I wore a sign around my neck with my weight on it so when some Don Juan came to ask me to dance, he would know if I fit into his weight limit.
I'd like to close by saying that I would much rather be deceptively heavy than deceptively light. Think about that by dear blogging BFFs.
Peace \/,

PS: After reading all your comments I decided to move back to my old toilet stall at work. If I'm going to sit in urine (or splash back) I might as well sit where there's more room and better air flow. I love you guys!


Jocelyn said...

I thought the deceptively heavy comment was sweet. You can tell he means well.

Curried Cupcakes said...

AWWW, deceptively heavy just means you carry your weight well. Captain is the same way, people always think he weighs less than he really does... not that I've tried to carry him through the door or anything.

hil said...

Haley with a laxative? that is opening Pandora's box, my dear! i wish i could've been in the car with you on that ride home. that would have been so, so awesome! just go for a run---i hear that doing so is a great, non-chemical laxative. i like your super-hero name. but it turns out that you do have a kryptonite, it seems. dulcolax?