Monday, February 8, 2010

White trash? I think not!

I went to visit my favorite doctor last Friday. Not my young, inquisitive IBS doctor. My other favorite doctor; my woman doctor. No, not my doctor who is a woman. He's not a woman, he has a beard that any man would envy. You know...the doctor that makes you nervous for a week before your appointment. The guy who you spend an extra 30 minutes in the shower on the day of your appointment just to make sure everything is "presentable." The guy who's really nice but no matter how nice he is, it's still really uncomfortable to talk to him while he's examining certain things.
Ok? Now do you know which doctor I'm talking about? Good...

Nate was kind enough to accompany me on my little visit. He seemed to think that it wasn't bad form for him to wear the following shirt:
I decided that a little white trash never hurt anybody. So I wore the following, a gift from Hil:

We were kindly escorted off the premises with a request to find a new doctors office. I hate closed, narrow minded people.
I wonder if "Dr." Oz is taking new patients.


Athena said...

Know Haley I really dont know which doctor your talking about

Athena said...

hahahahahha JK

Jocelyn said...

I hope you're joking about this one. It's hard to tell because I could totally see you doing that. If it really happened, and they really asked you to find another doctor's office, that's really lame.

I wanted to get a shirt that said, "satisfied," just after we got married, but Grant frowned upon the idea. Not a surprise from the same guy who banned "The Bad Touch." You and I had some good times with that song . . . (cue Blockbuster flashback)

Ali said...

I totally would've bought my husband a "satisfied" shirt. And he would've worn it too! I mean, for Christmas I got him a Dayman shirt and he wears it all the time!

And about your doctor's enviable beard: In high school my AP US history teacher was obsessed with the mustache of a fellow classmate's father. He met the fellow "stacher" at Parent Teacher conferences, and the next day the first 5 minutes of class were dedicated to Michelle's Father's Mustache.

Try to talk about a mustache for 30 seconds. Just try. But he talked about this other man's stache for FIVE FULL MINUTES! Going on and on about the preciseness of it, the color, the placement on the lip. ON and on and OOOOON. Seriously, we were really worried about his new devotion to another man's facial hair. So I guess men DO envy the facial hair of others.

On a further note, my "favorite" doctor has stopped talking to me while he's examining me. I appreciate it. Then again, after you spend hours looking at my "special area" while I'm giving birth, there's really no reason to try to break any kind of tension with light chatter.

Finally, where does she find those shirts? Seriously, she's a gift finding genius.

Anonymous said...

You know, I really don't see what could be so offensive about those shirts. I would think that the whole office would be full of them! In fact, my woman doctor had one on last time I was there. And I do my the doctor who is a woman, and the shirt was the "I put out" shirt.